Why Uluru plays a significant part in human evolution

One of the most prominent spiritual Australian conferences is held at Uluru-Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia. The Cosmic Consciousness Conference was first planned by Conference Organisers, Mick Turner & Kathryn Hand 4 years ago and since then it became a very well-known and loved event among spiritual communities in Australia and worldwide.

This conference targets spiritual people who want to learn more about ascension, our ancestors and divine cosmic essence, the connection with star families, particularly with the Pleiadians, also to connect with like-minded people and be in the magical energy of Uluru.

This year I was fortunate to attend two Cosmic Consciousness Conferences held at Uluru in January and December 2020.

The January conference was aligned with Pluto / Saturn Conjunction on 12th January, a major astrological event that represented the societal ‘reset’. This event was related to a Great Ritual of activation that commenced at Creation time a thousand years ago and was disrupted. 12th January was the date for this ritual to be completed at Uluru (more details below under ‘the solar umbilical cord’).

The recent Cosmic Consciousness Conference held between 20-22 December 2020 at Uluru, targeted major events: Solstice, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the beginning of The New Age of Aquarius and the Prophecy of ‘Magic Box’ activation (more details below).

Because of these events, I became curious and wanted to learn more about Uluru and the significance this rock has in our life. I came across Robert Coon’s writings, Steve & Evan Strong’s research and other sources of information. I found it interesting and I am sharing some facts I learnt about Uluru (it might be debatable but resonates with me).

It is believed that Australia was the first continent to exist and through Uluru (a  300 million-year-old rock), Mother Earth gave birth to the rest of the world. Aborigines were the first people on earth and linked with Aliens, the Star People from the constellation of Pleiades, a cluster of stars from where the 7 Sisters Story originated.

According to Aboriginal people, Uluru is the portal of creation for the planet Earth, the place of ‘Dreamtime’ where all Creations begin.

Uluru is the home of the Rainbow Serpent, the Divine Feminine Creation energy of the Earth. Together with Kata Tjuta (36 rock formations) represents the world Solar Plexus chakra, with the main role to maintain the life/vitality of the Earth and all living beings. The power and intelligence gained from this chakra are dispensed to the rest of the world via the ‘song lines’, ‘ley lines’ and the Rainbow Serpent which travels the ‘path of life’.

The Rainbow Serpent, which is the driving force of the Earth Spirit (from deep beneath the surface of the Earth) appears first at Uluru. When the spirit of life emerges through Uluru, the energy of the Rainbow Serpent is transmitted to Kata Tjuta via a ‘song line’. At this site, the energy is transformed and encoded into different shapes which include all types of life on the planet. After that, the lifeforce energies are sent out to the world through the Rainbow Serpent.

The ancient legends of ‘Dreamtime’ tell us a story about a Great Ritual that was interrupted, which has yet to be completed at Uluru. This ritual was meant to complete the great plan of the Earth Spirit, the connection between matter and spirit, between Heaven and Earth. The connection is ‘the solar umbilical cord’ which creates an earthly paradise of high frequencies. Aborigines people say that when the Great Ritual was disrupted, the Creation Times came to an end, and the world as we know today, began.

Uluru has a unique connection to the Sun, ‘the solar umbilical cord.’ Another name for Mother Earth is ‘Kerungra’ who created all life with her Ngaltawaddi – the great umbilical cord, or wand which is also represented as a large pole (like the Tree of Life).

After life was created, this cord was intended to unite Heaven and Earth and create an earthly paradise of high frequencies. Aborigines people say that when The Ngaltawaddi Ceremony – the Great Ritual was disrupted, the Creation Times came to an end, and the world as we know it today began.


Robert Coon refers to this ritual in his book ‘Earth Chakras “Uluru – Kata Tjuta is the ritual centre for this activation…the solar umbilical cord allows higher frequencies of life to exist on Earth and stimulates further evolution”.

I believe there is a link between the completion of the Great Ritual on 12th January 2020 and the Prophecy of the ‘Magic Box’* activation, on Solstice time 21st December 2020.

I learnt from Steve & Evan Strong (researchers and archaeologists) about the Prophecy of the ‘Magic Box’ which has crystals from the Pleiades placed inside Uluru and are ready to be activated on the Solstice December 21st at 7.32 pm Uluru time, Australia. This powerful activation will send healing energy to the entire planet and all inhabitants and create a shift into a higher consciousness and into the Golden Age. You can read more about this prophecy under Steven & Evan Strong’s website: https://forgottenorigin.com/dec-21st-uluru

2020 spiritual events held at Uluru represent the beginning of a New Earth, the New Age of Aquarius, a shift into higher consciousness. Uluru has been and will always be the focal point for Creation on Earth and a catalyst for Peace, Unity and Freedom!


(Note: I wrote more blogs about the conference and Uluru ceremony and you can read them under Blog section)

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