Uluru Solstice Ceremony 21st December 2020

The biggest astrological and spiritual event of 2020 was welcomed by people around the world and many sacred sites were filled with lightworkers.  Uluru was the focal point for this event and considered to be a catalyst for peace, unity and freedom.

The recent Cosmic Consciousness Conference was held at Uluru between 20-22 December 2020 and targeted major events: Solstice, the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, the beginning of The New Age of Aquarius and the ‘Magic Box’ activation.

Great speakers from all over the world shared their wisdom and insights on the 21st December 2020 event and the consequences for humanity.

I learnt from Steve & Evan Strong (researchers and archaeologists) about a prophecy, the ‘Magic Box’, which has crystals from the Pleiades placed inside Uluru and are ready to be activated on the Solstice December 21st at 7.32 PM Uluru, Northern Territory Time Australia. And that for the activation to take place, it needs at least two hundred thousand people (according to Steve Strong) who are of pure heart to activate it. This powerful activation will send healing energy to the entire planet and all inhabitants and create a shift into a higher consciousness and into the Golden Age. Pleiadeans have an important role in this activation as they are the cosmic creators of Uluru and have been supporting humanity since the Creation time.

The Great Ceremony on 21st December was planned to be carried out privately at Uluru by the Original Elders of our land at 7.32pm. They indicated that we need to meditate at least one hour before the solstice which in Uluru time is 7:32 pm and then an hour afterward.

We, the Cosmic Consciousness Conference attendees, went to an open site in Yulara where we formed a big circle, meditated, and carried out our own ceremony. It was truly magical!

This moment of activation was amplified by millions of people from all over the world who joined us in spirit and meditated at the Solstice time. We were all holding the energy of Love and Light and birthing the New Earth.

Over the last months, Schumann resonance peaked high levels we haven’t seen in our lifetimes. The heartbeat of Mother Gaia is signaling and upgrade of the earth and the raising of consciousness. During the Solstice, Schuman Resonance increased and here is a snapshot at the time of the ceremony.



We imagined Uluru’s heart opened wide and we sent love, prayers and healing to Uluru, Mother Gaia and to everyone. This opening formed a gateway/portal for the new high level frequency energies of love, light and healing from the Pleiadeans to enter the site.

Many of us had visions and messages during this powerful meditation. Some of us saw aboriginal ancestors surrounding us and dancing in the ceremony. Others saw warriors with weapons around us, supporting and protecting us from dark forces. A few of us saw bright lights over Uluru and Kata Tjuta.

I decided to lie down on the grass with my head towards Uluru and felt a strong vibration through my body, particularly my heart and third eye, a light code activation within my body. I huge beam of light appeared above Uluru, the rock lit up and expanded lights out, and I felt a powerful activation. A golden blanket covered the whole area.

During the ceremony we were surrounded by a beautiful golden light (see image).





15 minutes after the meditation, the sky changed colours and had different shades of purple and yellow. In the middle was a big opening with a stunning blue colour I have never seen before.

The sky stayed lighter than normal, long after the sunset.




What we learnt after the event from Steve Strong, was that the ‘Magic Box’ was Uluru. The site opened and created a gateway for the Pleiadian’s energy to enter and activate the crystals within the site. This activation was amplified by the Great Conjunction (which was a few hours later that night) and brought high frequency vibrational energies to the entire world, the energies unity, peace, love and harmony.

The New Age of Aquarius and the Golden Age officially began!


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