I started to learn about the archetypal energy and the role the archetypes play in our life through my studies with the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence. I came across the work of Carl Jung and Caroline Myss and became interested in this topic.

The archetypes are energy patterns repeating in our life and are the foundation of our beliefs, thoughts, and actions. They are part of our human nature and have been with us from birth. There are many types of archetypal energy and in this article, I will share some basics of the Shadow Archetypes.

Understanding the Shadow Archetypes and their mystery can lead us to creativity, elevated consciousness, and personal awakening. We are all naturally intuitive and can sense and read the archetypes of one another. But most of the time we are not aware of our own archetypes. This is because our ego keeps us ‘safe’ and from connecting to our shadow.

What is a Shadow Archetype?

A Shadow archetype represents the unconscious, primal side of the mind. They are known as “the dark side” of our personality that we repress. Our Shadow Archetypes play out when we are in fear, and they keep us small, limited, and stuck. They are the survival archetypes usually located in our three lower chakras and consist of negative human emotions such as greed, jealousy, selfishness, rage, guilt, shame, littleness …

These suppressed characteristics are present in all of us, but sometimes we deny this part of our own psyche and instead project it on to others.

What makes the Shadow Archetypes more complex and mysterious is that they have a Light form which is also called the Guardian. The Guardian is like a teacher or helper who assesses the situation and provides solutions to move into a positive state. This is done by meeting our fear and restoring the Shadow back to the Light.

I am going to describe briefly which are the main four Shadow Archetypes and their Guardians.

The CHILD – Dependency Vs Self-Determined

The ‘child’ does not want to take responsibility for their lives and to step into adulthood, into their own authority. They prefer to remain powerless than to make choices and are giving their power to others.

The Guardian is INNOCENCE. Why? Because innocence turns life experiences into wisdom.

The VICTIM – Blame Vs Personal Responsibility

The ‘victim’ archetype is about personal power. The ‘victim’ believes they have no power or control, and things happen to them. We can recognize this archetype in ourselves, particularly when something did not go the way we wanted and we say “this is always happening to me”.

The Guardian is SELF-ESTEEM. When we challenge the ‘victim’ energy, we build our self-esteem and develop strength, courage, and integrity.

The SABOTEUR – Powerless Vs Empowered

The Saboteur is the inner critic, the procrastinator who is trying to destroy any dream and belief we have, particularly when we are ready to do something new. It is saying “you can’t do this, you’re not good enough” and is trying to keep us small and away from power.

The Guardian is CHOICE. This is because when we are in that space of the light of the saboteur, we realize we have infinite choice.

The PROSTITUTE – Compromise Vs Worthiness

The Prostitute is usually seen as selling his/her own body for survival or physical security. Even more, it is willing to sell a core belief or a sense of self or their own happiness to feel safe in the world.

The Guardian is FAITH. It is the feeling of knowing that everything is going to be fine, and the Divine is supporting us in every action we take.


Learning about the Shadow Archetypes and their Guardians will guide us to spiritual maturity and power.

The Archetypes awaken in us our Divine aspect and the Guardians help us shed light on the dark parts of the soul, expand our light, and free ourselves from fear. We can fear our own power and unconsciously encourage our shadow to grow. This is because change can be scary, and we are afraid to lose control.

We should become more aware of our Shadow Archetypes and find ways to understand ourselves better; to understand that the Shadow Archetype is guiding us through life patterns and lessons to grow, evolve, and become a better version of ourselves.

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