After many years of living with negative belief and familiar patterns, I reached a point in my life’s journey for change. Since going through the transformation work, I reached out to Daniela for some healing sessions. What I had not expected was how much I would transform. I changed in ways that have made me happier and more focused. I was so intrigued by the benefit I received, decided to learn those healing modalities myself. Daniela is an excellent teacher and a beautiful soul, I have learned Pellowah and Reiki and so greateful for all the knowledge I have received”🙏💚 

Farhana - Gold Coast

“Daniela is amazing!

So welcoming, so open and so genuinely kind! I was a little unsure about how I would go with all of this healing but I was so pleasantly surprised by her skill and warmness.

I had a few sessions of Reiki and Reconnection during cancer treatment and they helped me into a calm and beautiful place. She also gave me distance healing and wow! I felt it! It was amazing! Like this feeling of warmth and light. She is one of life’s beauties and I feel very blessed in having got to experience some of what she has to offer ❤️

Anna-Lisa Chloe - Gold Coast

“Daniela is a very balanced person and radiates calmness and harmony. Her studio and Reiki session is very professional and of a high standard. I was surrounded by peace and calmness as I entered her studio.
After her Reiki session I feel relaxed and grounded and specially after a few days I feel light and released of weight inside of my being.
Although I fortunately do not have any physical or emotional issues, I believe in the cleansing and releasing of a Reiki session for prevention and staying grounded, specially because we all live busy lives.
I will support Daniela as she is very professional and passionate about Reiki and not just a quick fly by night.”

Ilona - Gold Coast

“I received a Reiki treatment from Daniela and it was amazing.

From the minute Daniela started, I felt as though I was in a bubble of love and light.

I highly recommend a treatment. I have more energy and feel more peaceful”

Pam - Brisbane (private client)

“Daniela has quiet, calm stillness about her that inspires others to walk their path and be the best of who they can be. She is knowledgeable and kind without ego, and leads by example.
I highly recommend Daniela as a Spiritual leader in her community and the world is a better place with her in it.
Namasté 💓🙏💓”

Carol - NSW

“I have had the absolute pleasure to have had many treatments with Daniela, from Reconnection Reiki healing, Pellowah and distant healing all have been beneficial to my spiritual, mental and emotional growth. I also have studied reiki 2 and Pellowah receiving all certificates of completion, it was a joy and easy healing modality, that I can use on friends and family. I recommend Daniela to anyone who is wishing to heal evolve and grow as a human being, blessings Daniela. Thankyou for all your support during this Ascension process ❤💎🌏”

Victoria - Gold Coast

“Being my first ever Reiki session I really wasn’t too sure what to expect. I’m Totally amazed!! I now feel such a strong sense of clarity and empowerment and that’s after just one session.Thank you Daniela you are awesome….”

Michelle - Gold Coast

“I have received Distant Reiki from Daniela several times, particularly when I was low in energy and felt like coming down with a cold, flu or even migraine. Reiki helps me to recover quickly and feel more energised. I highly recommend Daniela.”

Tina - Melbourne (private client)

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