Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops are designed to inspire, empower, and bring you in harmony with who you are and with your life, to find your inner strength and passion, to learn to trust your intuition and the connection with the Universe, the higher Consciousness and to become a Master of All that You are. To live a Mystical life and expect miracles!

Inspire, Empower, Transform - Learn simple ways to bring Calm and Balance to Your Life


Learn how to:

  • Meet and clear fear and limiting beliefs
  • Become calm and balanced with simple techniques
  • Activate your intuition, your innate power
  • Transform your life and create better health, success and happiness

2 hour workshop (additional workshop information on Eventbrite)

Heal your life with Intuition and your Energy field


Learn about:

  • Alternative ways to heal your Mind, Body and Spirit 
  • How to manage your energetic system to maintain health and wellbeing
  • Learn how to receive and trust your intuition  
  • Discover your power and how to connect with Higher Consciousness 

2 hour workshop (additional workshop information on Eventbrite)

Understanding Intuition and Your Innate Power


Learn about:

  • Methods to connect and activate your intuition
  • Identify and release fear and limiting beliefs 
  • Learn how to use your innate power
  • Trust intuition and transform your life, create abundance, health and happiness

2 hour workshop (additional workshop information on Eventbrite)

The Essence of Intuitive Intelligence - Initiate Program


Learn about:

  • The science of intuition and the Intuitive Intelligence
  • The 3 immutable laws that govern our lives, and yet are largely unknown to the world
  • The role of the anatomical heart as our most powerful intelligence
  • How intuition will optimise our lives so that we become Spiritually Fierce, Fearless and Unlimited

2 day in person or 7 weeks online (live sessions) certified course. For more information, please see The Essence of  Intuitive Intelligence – Initiate Program page, under Spiritual Development. 

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The full payment for half day workshop is non-refundable (it can be transferred to another workshop), please see FAQ page for information on payment, refund and cancellation policy.