Many years ago while I was in the process of healing from a badly broken ankle, a lady from my work who said she is an energy healer offered to help with my recovery. I didn’t really know what energy healing was but gratefully accepted and after a few healing sessions I felt an improvement in my ankle. I had a lot less pain and the redness had reduced considerably. During the healing I became more curious and I started to ask questions about what is happening. The energy healer told me that energy is drawn from the universe to support the healing process.

I became so interested about this healing. I was very keen to learn what it is and how it works.

I wanted to ‘have’ this energy and know how to use it so I could continue to heal myself and hopefully, at some point, heal others. So I did some research.

After doing my research I found Reiki and knew is for me. It was like a light went on inside my head. It was the missing link in my life and I wanted to learn more. I quickly enrolled in level 1 course with a local Reiki master and found the whole experience wonderful. After the course I started to look differently at all areas of my life.  I felt mentally strong and empowered and I now had a tool to heal myself and it was amazing!

After a little while I started to become aware of the energy in my hands and I remembered what I learnt at the course – Don’t waste your hands! (the energy in your hands). Now, no matter where I am or what I am doing my hands or a hand is placed on my body where I use the energy to self-heal. I can’t imagine Reiki not being part of my day!

In fact, I love Reiki so much I decided to continue my learning and have completed three Reiki Masterships through world renown Reiki practitioners. I am now a Reiki Master/Teacher and so blessed that I can teach others this amazing healing modality.

I have since learnt other energy modalities, but for me Reiki is still the foundation and all other healing methods are based on Reiki teachings and principles:

Just for today
Do not anger
Do not worry
Be grateful
Be honest in work
Be kind to all

For many of us Reiki becomes a way of life. We live Reiki and are Reiki.

August 2016