In October 2017 I was privileged to spend special time with Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei, the founder of Komyo ReikiDo system and honoured to host a Shinpiden (teacher level) seminar in Gold Coast. My friend Sally Wain organised a similar seminar in Melbourne. Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei is an international renowned Reiki teacher and travels the world teaching Komyo ReikiDo seminars.

I firstly met Hyakuten Sensei in Kyoto/Japan in 2015. I was part of a Reiki Masters group from Australia travelling to Japan to visit Mt Kurama near Kyoto (Reiki’s birthplace) and also Mikao Usui’s grave in Tokyo. He was our guide to Mt Kurama, which was such a blessing! We learnt a lot about the history of Japanese Reiki and experienced a strong and uplifting energy on the top of the mountain where once Mikao Usui meditated for 21 days and received Reiki.

I also had the opportunity to learn Komyo ReikiDo system with Hyakuten Sensei in Sydney in 2015 and obtained Shinpiden (Master/Teacher) accreditation. Previously I had two Reiki masterships with William Lee Rand and Frans Stienne and was teaching ‘Usui Reiki Ryoho’ methods. After learning Komyo, I started to teach this system as well.

Hyakuten Sensei came back to Australia last year in 2017 to teach Shinpiden seminar designed for the existing Reiki Masters in any branch of Reiki who wanted to learn all four levels of Komyo ReikiDo. The seminar included an introduction night followed by three-day training.

The seminar in Gold Coast was held at ‘Holistic Therapies Gold Coast’ location. It was a unique experience as the class environment was different than in a usual conference room. The sitting arrangement was informal and relaxed which made it more intimate, friendly and comfortable. The class was interactive and the learning was fun!








Hyakuten Sensei made the training very special with his gentleness, kindness and compassionate way of teaching, also with his wonderful sense of humor!  His energy was bright and radiated so much joy, peace and tranquility. All students enjoyed the training, friendly surroundings and good company!

During Hyakuten Sensei’s visit to Gold Coast, I was able to show him our beautiful beaches and the hinterland and he enjoyed it very much!  I was honoured to spend time with Sensei and listen to his teachings. It was a privilege and an amazing experience that will stay with me forever!






For those of you who would like to know a little bit more about Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei and Komyo ReikiDo system, below is some information you might find useful.

Hyakuten Inamoto Sensei is a Pure Land (Jōdo Shū) Buddhist Monk from Kyoto/Japan.  He created this system after extended research into the original teachings of Mikao Usui and his findings were based on 1920’s and 1930’s Reiki practices in Japan.

He developed the system in 1998 and initially called Komyo Reiki Kai (Kai – association) and in 2016 he decided to change the name to Komyo ReikiDo (Do – path or way) which emphasizes more on the spiritual aspect of Reiki as a pathway to spiritual awakening and growth.

The meaning of Komyo ReikiDo:  Komyo – Great Light or Enlightenment, Reiki – Universal Energy and Do – Path or Way

Komyo ReikiDo was developed as a ‘keep-it-simple’ Reiki system and practice. The system is based on Japanese approach ‘Less is more’ and ‘simplicity’ is a key to the ‘truth’. The practice motto is ‘Place your hands, surrender and smile’

Komyo ReikiDo system is striving to cultivate and uplift spirituality to attain the ultimate objective of Reiki Ryoho (‘Reiki Healing Art’), the absolute ‘Inner Peace’ or ‘Satori’ (‘Anshin Ritsumei’ in the terms of Usui Sensei).

If you would like to find out more information about Komyo ReikiDo or wish to learn, please visit:

Hyakuten Inamoto website –

Komyo ReikiDo Australia and New Zealand –

Komyo ReikiDo International –

Also if you are located around Gold Coast area and would like to learn this system, please make bookings through my website or contact me to discuss options, I am more than happy to help.

Gassho and Reiki blessings to everyone!

January 2018


 ***Daniela is the founder of Holistic Therapies Gold Coast. She is a Spiritual Leader/Teacher, Mentor & Coach, Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and Inspirational Speaker. Daniela is passionate about Spirituality, Energy Therapies, Quantum Sciences, Metaphysics and Mysticism. She runs regular workshops on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world.

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