Rahanni Celestial Healing modality was developed by Carol Stacey (Master Reiki, UK) in 2002 and it means “Of One Heart” – a gentle, yet effective spiritual therapy that heals very deeply at heart level. Rahanni  vibrates on a pink ray of light and love, balancing the masculine and feminine aspects of every person.  It also connects to the six pointed healing star that represents communion with the Source/God/Universe and it is the symbol of creation.

Rahanni promotes healing from fear and negative thinking by connecting to and balancing the heart centre, opening us to love and compassion. This allows us to function in a happier and healthier way, bringing forward inner peace and harmony.  This modality works with the soul at all times gently opening us to spiritual knowledge and wisdom. Many people find their attitudes to life and its problems change for the better as a result of receiving Rahanni Celestial Healing.


Rahanni Celestial Healing works on a higher vibration and a deeper level through a pink ray of light balancing the heart centre and healing emotions. It brings truth, love and compassion to each individual soul. Rahanni needs to be experienced to be appreciated.

Rahanni is a treatment for the mind, body and soul and it is a very gentle healing but also very deep. Any person suffering from mental and emotional pain and trauma can be helped in so many ways with the healing light of Rahanni.

The treatment is similar to Reiki or any other energy healing in that it involves placing the hands on the client, but the difference is that the only areas touched by the practitioner are shoulders, knees and ankles and ‘hands-off’ healing is used for other areas of the body. With Rahanni the knee area is particularly important as it is believed that emotions are stored in this area.

Some of Rahanni Celestial Healing benefits:

  • RBalances the masculine and feminine aspects of human being
  • RReleases fears and negative energy that we accumulate from our experiences on this earth
  • RHelps to heal the mind by transmuting negativity and by bringing positive thoughts
  • RBalances the heart centre bringing forth love and compassion
  • RHelps with communication and to gain control over our lives
  • RGently opens us to spiritual knowledge and wisdom

Rahanni can be used in absent healing and can also be used to heal pets and plants.

A series of 3 – 4 sessions are recommended for the maximum benefit.

Please Note – the session includes spiritual healing, teachings and intuitive insights to further support your healing.

1 hour 15 mins session – cost  $150 AUD 

1 hour distant healing session – cost $125 AUD

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Healing Packages of 3, 4 or 5 sessions are offered at discounted price, and preferably to be taken close together (approx 1 session/week) – please make enquiry.

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