Pilgrimage to Peru and Mexico


I have always been fascinated about ancient civilisations and their creative wisdom. My spiritual mentor told me about some specific places in Peru and Mexico where I could learn about Inca and Mayan civilisations but more importantly, I could connect with very high energy portals which would in-turn shift my energy, expand my spirituality and gain a higher level of enlightenment.

Wow, I couldn’t wait to get there and last year in 2017, it happened!

It was my first time to South & Central America and I was so excited! I didn’t know what to expect of the local cultures and locations but I was keen to quickly adapt and have a safe and enjoyable trip.  I joined two organised tours, one in Peru and one in Mexico and shared amazing experiences with like minded people from other parts of the world.

Peru – Inca Pilgrimage

Peru is an amazing country and known for the majestic Andes Mountains and the mysterious Inca Civilisation! About five thousand years ago, the ancient Andeans built an advanced civilisation. They built pyramids, observatories, grew sustainable crops and developed complex astronomy. They had a strong connection with Pachamama (Gaia/Mother Earth) and nature in general.

The highlight of my Inca pilgrimage was Machu Picchu. Set high in the Andes Mountains, this Inca citadel is the most amazing ancient archaeological site I have ever seen! The Inca Trail is very popular for hiking and it takes four days to reach the Sun Gate at the top of Machu Picchu.

The site has dry-stone walls built with huge blocks without the use of mortar and the buildings were placed based on planetary alignments. The Incas would take astronomical observations at specific times of the year, particularly the travels of the Sun, Moon and Milky Way – Mayu.

I was fortunate to visit the site on two consecutive days and one day on my own which gave me the opportunity to explore, meditate and enjoy the site at a slower pace. My connection to this site was very deep and I had the feeling that I had been there before.  Maybe in one of my past lives?  The energies were strong and I found few special ‘power spots’ (where energy can be sensed and received). I had a feeling of entering into a mystical place with a deep spiritual culture and exploring a divine territory where spiritual prophets lived. Walking the land and breathing the air at this sacred place, was a peak spiritual experience for me. I felt a strong heart opening, a shift in my consciousness and healing. The energies here are so transformative and I believe they leave an imprint on anyone who visits this amazing place.

The views are magnificent from everywhere around Machu Picchu, and it was magical to watch the clouds floating amongst mountains. This place is so unique and has so many mysteries still unsolved!








Part of my Peruvian tour, I visited the beautiful Sacred Valley of Incas near Cusco. There are interesting ruins located in the valley and some of them I visited are around Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Sacsaywamán.








Pisac ruins contain lots of cascading terraces and a complex system of ancient baths, water fountains and altars. There is an enigmatic atmosphere in this place! At Ollantaytambo there are also steep terraces guarding the fortress. This is one of the few places where Spanish conquistadors were defeated in a battle against the Inca.

Sacsaywamán ruins is considered the Inca empire’s masonry wonder with an amazing stonework! The site has many buildings built in limestone and the stones are placed with a high accuracy without mortar. Some of the base limestone blocks weigh approx. 300 tons!








The overall experience in Peru was fascinating! I really enjoyed the country and the stunning scenery. I loved all sacred places I visited and gained a deeper understanding of ancient Inca civilisation, their great empire, wisdom and strong connection to earth, nature and universe. The energies are strong at these sites because of the spiritual imprint of the ancient civilisations. They built the energies over many years by gathering, praying, holding rituals and ceremonies that raised the vibration of these places.

I believe Inca is one the most mysterious civilisation that the world has experienced and Machu Picchu took my heart!


Mexico – Mayan Pilgrimage

After my pilgrimage to Peru, I flew to Mexico to Cancun in Yucatan Peninsula. From Cancun, I went to Playa del Carmen located on Caribbean Sea where my second tour and pilgrimage to Mayan sacred places started.

I was nice being close to the beach again and having warm summer temperatures; it was like being home on the Gold Coast. This part of Mexico is flat with green and lush vegetation and has a big area covered by rain forest and jungle.

The Yucatan area contains many Mayan sites that are still covered by trees and grass and I hope one day they will be excavated and brought to the light.

The first site I visited was Chichen Itza, a renowned Mayan site with impressive pyramids. The site is easily accessed from the town of Merida and the main touristic areas of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, so it is always busy with lots of visitors from overseas and locals. The larger pyramid is the temple of Kukulkan or El Castillo built in limestone over a pre-existing temple. This pyramid was built to be a physical representation of the Mayan calendar and every equinox the pyramid puts on a special ancient light show!








Another interesting Mayan site was Uxmal located near Merida and one of the greatest Maya cities. The biggest structure of the site is the Pyramid of the Magician (the shape is elliptical, not square) and there is another large structure called the Great Pyramid. The whole site witnesses the great astronomical skills of the Maya, their wisdom and power!








Next Mayan sacred site was Palenque, located deep in the jungles of Southern Mexico and this site is mystical…I loved this place straightaway and felt so happy and welcomed there! Again, I had the feeling that I had been there before. I walked among ruins for hours, meditated and connected to the powerful energies. It was such a peaceful place and I felt so relaxed. The Temple of Inscriptions is the site’s most outstanding building and unique as it was the place where Kink Pakal’s tomb was discovered about 70 year ago. Palenque covers a quite big area and includes numerous temples, also an interesting museum where I had the opportunity to learn about King Pakal, his great kingdom and connection with Gods from the Universe.








After leaving Palenque, I visited Tulum an ancient Mayan site right on the Caribbean Sea. Tulum was an enclosed city built by the Mayans as a fortress and also served as a major trading port. I was impressed by the Temple of the God of Wind, the pyramid El Castillo and the Temple of the Descending God. The Mayan’s built the fortress in such a great place, right on the edge of the ocean with stunning views, relaxing waves and fresh breezes. I imagined myself living happily there amongst nature’s beautiful and healing elements!








The last Mayan site I visited in Mexico was Ek’ Balam or ‘Black Jaguar’ located about 2.5 hour drive from Playa del Carmen. I went there on my own as it wasn’t included in the tour, so it was more exclusive exploring the site by myself. This Mayan site was discovered only recently so it is not very well known. There were only few visitors on that day and the place was quiet and peaceful. I took it easy and explored each temple thoroughly and learnt about Ek’Balam kingdom. I came across impressive structures with unique ornaments and statues with wings which I haven’t seen at other Mayan sites. The main temple, Acropolis is one of the larger building Maya built and the view from the top is breathtaking. I had plenty of time to reflect and connect with the energies at this site. It was such a unique, beautiful and interesting place…an oasis of peace and serenity!








The time I spent in Peru and Mexico went very fast with lots of sightseeing, learning and connecting with amazing ancient sacred sites. After nearly four weeks, my pilgrimage came to an end…

I came back home to Australia with a different outlook to life and had a feeling I received an immense soul cleansing at Machu Picchu. My heart became fully open and filled with love and compassion. I became less judgemental, less worried and gained more strength and trust in myself and the Universe/God/Creation.

I learnt so much about the incredible Inca and Mayan civilisations, history, art, architecture, mathematics, writing, astrology and their connection to the universe. These civilisations were very spiritual; they believed in Universe and their Gods and lived their lives guided by the stars, nature and Mother Earth.

For everyone that can connect with energies, the sacred places are life changing and can create amazing spiritual experiences! There is a deep transformation at spiritual level, an enhanced consciousness based on strong union of mind, soul and spirit. A major shift can occur, a stronger connection with the spirit, a heart opening which allows more love and deep healing at all levels.

I had such an amazing experience that will stay with me forever! I was so blessed to be able to see these unique sacred places where once these glorious and advanced civilisations lived.

And hope one day I would be able to return!

February 2018


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