Personal and Spiritual Development Workshops are designed to bring you in harmony with who you are and with your life, to find your inner strength and passion, to learn to trust your intuition and the connection with the Universe, the higher Consciousness and to become a Master of All that You are.


Five Steps to Build Resilience with Your Energy Field – learn how to:

  • Use your energy field and four energetic domains to deal with challenges and negative emotions
  • Identify and release fear, limiting beliefs and emotional blocks 
  • Reduce stress and anxiety, develop self-esteem (self-love) and maintain inner peace every day

Half day workshop, cost $55 (paid in full at time of booking)

Activate Your Intuition, the Innate Power and Create the Life You Really Want – learn about:

  • Your intuition is your innate power
  • Methods to connect and activate your intuition
  • Use you intuition to transform your life, create abundance, health and happiness

Half day workshop, cost $55 (paid in full at time of booking)

The Essence of Energy and Spiritual Healing – learn about:

  • Mind, Body, Heart, Spirit connection and coherence
  • Energy Healing and how to manage body’s energy centres
  • Spiritual Healing and the connection with Higher Consciousness

Half day workshop, cost $55 (paid in full at time of booking)

Deep Soul Transformation through Intuition, Energy Field and Spiritual Sight (advanced two day workshop) – learn about:
  • Consciousness and the Layers of Mind
  • The Science of Intuition
  • Understand Energy Medicine and body’s unique energetic and healing system
  • How Shadow & Sacred Archetypes are present in your life
  • Cultivate vibrational states and heart-brain coherence 
  • The spiritual state of enlightenment
  • The healing power of gratitude and forgiveness
  • Understand life purpose, the connection to spirit and how to access information from the field
  • Create personal change, transform your reality and manifest abundance, health and happiness 

2 day workshop – cost $440 (20% deposit at time of booking and the balance due a week before the workshop)

NOTE: Payment through PayPal, Stripe or Direct Debit (Holistic Therapies Gold Coast, BSB: 064-451, Acc: 10483527)

Reference – student/client full name

The full payment for half day workshop and the 20% deposit for two day workshop is non-refundable (it can be transferred to another workshop), please see FAQ page for information on payment, refund and cancellation policy.