Past Life Assimilation technique erases any past life blockages that are affecting your life at the present time. 

With this method, you can tap into past life consciously and heal any trauma associated with the experience. 

It will also give you a full understanding of how it has blocked your life until that point. 

The effects of this technique are usually dramatic as the personality changes to accommodate a less limited and

fearful way of thinking that has been carried over from past life.

Past Life Assimilation

 Our body holds cellular memories and information from previous lifetimes. Sometimes we feel like keep repeating the same patterns despite our efforts to break them or have a fear or strong dislike of something that seems completely irrational. These can be relieved with Past Life Assimilation.

Past life assimilation is a guided energy healing in which the practitioner holds the ascension point on the back of your head to energetically allow you to revisit the past life that has created the blockage in present time. During the session the practitioner guides the client to the trauma of that lifetime in order to release and resolve it. It is different to hypnosis because it is accessing the past life memory. It is the difference between watching a movie and being part of the play. When the client does this, can ‘own’ the event and change the feelings towards it. With the past life trauma alleviated from the past life, future patterns that were created by that trauma will disappear.

Past Life Assimilation is not the same as Past Life Regression.

Past life assimilation is not a tool to take a trip down memory lane. It is a very powerful energy healing technique that allows the client to consciously go to the past to heal the issue in both that life and current one and integrates that healing instantly.

We have all had numerous past lives. A past life assimilation can be done more than once. 

Generally, people get the feeling that it’s time for a past life assimilation or are drawn to it as their higher consciousness knows that it is the past life experience that has created the blockage in current time.

Please Note – the session includes spiritual healing, teachings and intuitive insights to further support your healing.

Past Life Assimilation  75 minutes ‘in person’ sessions – cost $150 AUD

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