I’m sharing with you how I began my daily devotional practices and why it was so important for my spiritual growth.

We are in the Virgo season and it is opposite to Pisces. Virgos are systematic, perfectionists, practical, love structure and rituals. Being a Pisces, I am a dreamer, love freedom and being in the flow. I’m not a very organised person and don’t like following rules. I’m always following my intuition and doing what it feels right for me.

During my 12-month Intuitive Intelligence course I learnt many practices to support my journey of becoming a qualified intuitive guide. Through these practices, I started to rediscover myself and learnt who I truly am. I was guided to develop a connection with the divine source through meditation.

Meditation wasn’t new for me. I was meditating before this course, using different types of mediation such as mantras, breathing, relaxation music, Kirtan meditation, guided meditation and so on… At that time, I was doing whatever it felt right to do. Some days I followed one type of meditation, the next day other and it wasn’t a defined commitment. So I started to look at different ways to establish a stronger and continuous connection with my soul, my higher self. Meditation was still number one on my list and something I was very familiar with.

But deep inside me, I knew something needs to change.

During the Intuitive Intelligence course, I learnt the ‘triple S’ practice (I used to call it this way!) which meant Stillness, Silence and Solitude. It was a way to invite God in my life. In doing this, I silenced my mind and withdrew my attention from the superficial, busy and noisy world. I slowed everything down and communed with the higher consciousness. I moved out from beta waves to alpha and theta waves and begun a continuous flow of communion with God, the divine source.

This wasn’t easy!

I needed to set ground rules and boundaries with my family so I wasn’t disturbed during my sacred meditation. I learnt to control my ego which was trying to keep me distracted and away from my practice. I had to work hard and with consistent repetition (like going to the gym) I was able to overcome the need to move, scratch my face or whatever else came up to disturb me. My body learnt that it is safe to be in stillness for a longer period of time.

In stillness and silence, I started to feel the space between my breaths and my heartbeats. It was a vast and empty space. And there I found my true essence, my soul. It was blissful and wanted to stay longer in this space. So I deepened my breaths, paused and this triggered a decrease in my heartbeats. It was such a peaceful and magical space where I felt the connection with the divine.

I also began to develop a connection with my heart, the portal to the infinite divine intelligence and changed my mind about myself. I rediscovered my true self, my power and my purpose. The more I dropped down into my heart with the intention to connect, the easier it became. I started to feel it in my body. When I touched my heart, I felt an immediate connection. And the more I went into the heart meditation, the more I felt loved, supported and guided. There was no separation between me and the divine.

Then I started to bring more love into my heart. I opened the doors to the infinite loving intelligence, which was inside me and also outside me. My heart was the temple, the cathedral where I met ‘God within’ and created a deep intimacy in silence, stillness and solitude. I was fully present and able to attune to the divine communication

Also I became more aware of my innate power but somehow I was afraid of it. I found reasons not to fully meet my power. I preferred to stay small and in my comfort zone. Through my consistent daily mediation practice, I showed up and met my fear. I learnt to release it, to raise my consciousness and become more connected with the source. This empowered me and I knew the power is within me, in my heart. The more love and gratitude I brought into my heart, the stronger was the connection with my higher self and received more guidance and support. I trusted and accepted, it felt good and knew it came from a space of love.

My daily mediation practice became non-negotiable. I built an inner discipline and consistent action to expand my consciousness and be connected with the Divine Source.

Since then I added few more practices to my daily devotion, such journaling, prayer, chanting and walking in nature. I am creating a devotional energy, which is peaceful and healing. Every time I immerse myself into the magical connection with the infinite divine intelligence it feels like I’m home. I cannot imagine a day without these devotional practices. They are food for my soul and ignite the power within me. They bring me so much peace and joy. It is part of who I am, a spiritual being having a human experience and know that everything is okay exactly how it is. I’m here to learn, grow, evolve and rediscover my divine essence.

I am God and always had and have the divine light within me.

NOTE: This blog was published in the Nu Motive magazine of Ultreia Vida, Virgo Edition ‘Hold’ on 24th August 2020

***Daniela is the founder of Holistic Therapies Gold Coast. She is a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Intuitive Intelligence Teacher, Energy Therapist and Inspirational Speaker. She runs regular workshops and courses on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world.

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