I am a certified Intuitive Guide and practitioner of the INTUITIVE INTELLIGENCE METHOD developed by Dr. Ricci-Jane Adams, Director of the Institute for Intuitive Intelligence, Melbourne.  Dr Ricci-Jane trains women around the world as spiritual leaders and she believes that the most spiritually radical act is to reclaim ourselves as God/dess and the Intuitive Intelligence is a return to LOVE. The Intuitive Guide session is based on tools of the Intuitive Guide: Heart Coherence & Micro Method, Meditation, Chanting, Prayer, Pranayama, Intuitive EFT, Energy Medicine/Chakras, Past lifetimes/Akashic library, Archetypes, Atonement.    

Heart Soul Expansion is a mentoring program to support  you on your spiritual journey, to rediscover your true self, your innate power and to reconnect and realign with your soul. 

INTUITIVE GUIDE READING using the Intuitive Intelligence Method

Together we will enter your subconscious mind and discover the instigating event where you first took on the negative self-beliefs and fears that have been holding you back – we will then use some profound and sacred practices to clear your fear and reconnect you to the potential of your unlimited self. It is a re-programming of subtle anatomy and neural pathways, so you can make the permanent shift from fear to love.  We will go through the following steps:

  • Fear Profiling – identify the negative self-belief and the shadow archetype associated with this fear
  • Chakra Diagnosis – identify in which chakra the negative self-belief is located and release it
  • Instigating Event – identify the past life in which the negative belief began
  • Akashic Library – bring home the aspect of you that has been stuck in that lifetime, forgive and integrate it with your own body
  • Primary Archetypal Energy – connect to the primary archetype that is supporting you now
  • The Atonement – clear the dominant negative self-belief and restored from fear back into love

During the session I will use my intuition non-locally to receive the information, to support and hold space for you to rewire your subconscious away from fear to love, and to connect with your innate power. You will discover your true self and open yourself to infinite possibility, where there is no limit to the amount of joy, peace and success you can experience! 



This is for all appointments following the initial Intuitive Intelligence Method session and includes a mixture of Mindfulness, Heart Coherence, the “Micro Method” and many other tools and techniques designed for you to take home and empower yourself with when you feel fear rising. This is your journey home to love whilst conquering your fear.



Heart Soul Expansion is an accelerated spiritual mentoring program for everyone eager to go deeper on their spiritual journey, to transform and create the life they always dreamed of. The program supports healing and spiritual growth, to rediscover true self, the innate power, reconnect and realign with your heart & soul and expand in abundance, success, love, happiness and wellbeing.

It is a 4 week program consisting of  8 x 75 minute powerful and inspiring spiritual development sessions. The first session is the Intuitive Intelligence Method followed up by 7 sessions where I will guide you through your path of discovering who you truly are. You will learn tools and sacred practices to build inner strength, become fearless, increase your intuition and your connection with the Divine Source.

When using these tools, you meet and conquer fear and become strong and empowered, recognising that you are limitless consciousness creating your entire reality with your own belief systems and emotional responses. You are the creator of your life and CAN create abundance, love and success! 

The main topics covered in this program are:

  • Removing limiting beliefs, fear and programming
  • Understanding your intuition and the innate power
  • Heart Soul alignment
  • Energy Medicine and self healing practices
  • Rise vibration and build inner strength with energy field
  • Heal with self love, radical acceptance and forgiveness
  • Uncover past lives that are holding you back from your highest potential
  • Shadow and sacred archetypes present in your life
  • Find your true purpose, connect with your heart & soul and create a meaningful life full of love, freedom and abundance.
  • Connect with your Highers Self and Spirit guides, trust the guidance you receive and live in an constant open communication to bring peace and balance in your life

NOTE: The program is delivered in person or distance via Zoom or Skype. It consists of 2 weekly sessions (75 mins) with a total of 8 sessions over 4 weeks.


  • Intuitive Guide Reading session (in person or on Zoom/Skype), cost  $300   


  • Intuitive Guide Follow Up single session (in person or on Zoom/Skype), cost $270


  • Heart Soul Expansion accelerated program – 8 x 75 minutes sessions (in person or on Zoom/Skype over 4 weeks with 2 sessions/week). First session is the Intuitive Intelligence Method plus seven ‘follow up’ spiritual development sessions.

     The total value of this program is $2,190

     Paid in full $1,700 or Payment plan: 2 payments of $900 or 3 payments of $650

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