This month last year I attended a week long advanced retreat with Dr. Joe Dispenza in Sunshine Coast! And what and amazing experience we had together with 700 people, immersed in daily meditations, healing, self-discovery and personal enlightenment. And the memories are still powerful!

After 12 months I’m still doing Dr Joe’s meditations regularly and love them, particularly the waking meditations when I’m out at the beach. They are so empowering, relaxing and magical!

You probably know that Dr. Joe Dispenza is a scientist, an international lecturer, researcher, author and educator. He has used scientific research to advance our understanding of how the mind and body work, and he believes all of us have the ability to transform and create the life we want. He has taught thousands of people all over the world how to rewire the brain, recondition the body and make lasting positive changes in life. I love his saying –

‘When you invest in yourself, you invest in your future’

This retreat furthered my knowledge in quantum physics, neuroplasticity, epigenetics and much more. Also my mystic site opened up to another level and now I’m easily connecting with the unified field. I am constantly aware of how I feel and trying to keep my energies elevated therefore avoiding lower frequencies or negative emotions. I am consciously investing in myself and my future. I can see new opportunities coming my way and I expect miracles to come into my life!

The most significant thing I learnt at Dr. Joe Dispenza’s retreat is that our intention to connect with the unified field, with oneness and wholeness closes the gap between ourselves/our consciousness and the consciousness of the unified field. And this will reduce the time for the future to ‘show up’ as ‘unknown’ in our life.

‘Practice makes perfect’ so if we connect with the unified field every day and focus our attention on what we want to create, we can bring our future in the present moment.

So now I reach out to as many people I can and tell them how to do the work, connect with the higher intelligence, dream big and to not give up. It requires practice and consistency, but once you master your energy and environment, your manifestations and dreams will occur in shorter amounts of time. And sometimes quiet unexpectedly!

Dr. Joe told us that if we keep doing the work every day, we’ll make the journey closer and closer to love and wholeness. It is a journey from selfishness to selflessness, and we are emulating the divine because we are becoming the divine….I really love this!

Doing the work makes you feel good, you become more open, have more acceptance and want others to learn and experience the same feelings.

Your heart opens to love, gratitude, kindness and compassion and you wish the same for all around you. You want everyone to feel good, to bring peace and balance in their hearts, and to become more in love with their life!


***Daniela is the founder of Holistic Therapies Gold Coast. She is a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Intuitive Intelligence Teacher, Energy Healer and Inspirational Speaker. Daniela is passionate about Spirituality, Energy Therapies, Quantum Sciences, Metaphysics and Mysticism. She runs regular workshops on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world.

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