I’d like to share with you some thoughts on fear and the impact fear can have on our lives.

Fear can be one of the greatest obstacles in our lives.  It can impede our ability to succeed, to move forward, even cause us to stagnate and even become to dislike who we are as a person, simply because we fear the present or the future.

Fear shows up in all areas of our lives and we pay the price.  We can sometimes make poor decisions based on a fear.

Does any of these fear sound familiar to you?

Fear of change, fear of changing a job you don’t like or staying in an unhappy relationship.  Fear of not being perfect or of not being good enough.  Fears that you are not meeting someone else’s or even your own expectations or you are unable to deliver to a high enough standard.

Fear comes in all shapes and sizes but the question is – How can we defeat fear?

I would like to share with you my personal experience of dealing with fear.

I’ve met some major challenges throughout 2018 and into 2019.  I graduated after twelve months training with Dr Ricci-Jane Adams as an Intuitive Guide, successfully launched Spiritual Leaders Collective Facebook Group and my monthly Meetups, commenced half day and two day Workshops on a number of topics however, my greatest challenge was overcoming my natural fear of being visible.  Of being seen whether on Facebook or in front of an audience.  I was simply terrified!

I knew for me to get my messages out to people and to help people with the knowledge I had have gained I had to be more visible.  I had to come out from behind the door and enter into a space that was completely unnatural and very uncomfortable for me.  I was held back by fear because I was afraid of rejection, I was afraid of not being good enough and constantly reinforce to myself a belief I don’t have what it takes. I was afraid of judgement which limited what I allowed myself to do and my self-confidence suffered.

I had to face my fears but every time I tried I would be held back by those same fears.  Until one day at the beach I was discussing my fear of ‘going live’ on Facebook with my husband and he said ‘thinking about it for too long just makes it harder, you need to just go and do it’.  So I plucked up my courage, walked along the beach and pressed the ‘go-live’ start button and did my first live on Facebook.  I cannot tell how this felt; it was like a massive weight had been lifted of my shoulders.  I was so happy and so proud of myself.  I raced back to where we were sitting and yelled out “I did it!”  Later, when I looked back on my ‘live’ performance it wasn’t that good but I didn’t care – it was my first live on Facebook and I had overcome one of my biggest fears.

Next was going in front of a live audience!

Since then, I’m doing lots more go-live and videos on Facebook and sharing my experiences and learnings. I still need to control my fear sometimes, but I’ve learnt to relax more and not be afraid of being judged and to just go and do it.

I am also pleased to say I started Spiritual Leaders Collective Meetups last October where I had to stand in front of a live audience with no door to hide behind.  I am very proud to say I am about to deliver my eighth Spiritual Leaders Collective Meetup in May with confidence and pride in what I have been able to achieved – just by overcoming my fear!

I had to change, to believe that I can do it, that I am worthy to share my knowledge and not being afraid of rejection. Dealing with change is not always easy; it is uncomfortable and sometimes scary. But in my case, it gave me the opportunity to fully express myself, to learn and grow. I learnt to free myself from fear to be seen and heard, and to trust that I am good enough, I can do it and I am completely in charge.

You can learn more about overcoming fear and limiting beliefs by attending one of my half day or two day workshops, see link below for more information


***Daniela is a Spiritual Leader/Teacher, Mentor & Coach, Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and Inspirational Speaker. She is passionate about Spirituality, Energy Therapies, Quantum Sciences, Metaphysics and Mysticism. She runs regular workshops on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world.

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