This holistic alternative method activates the body’s energy systems to remove energetic blocks. This helps the body to regain balance and promote healing. It was used by many ancient cultures to stimulate healing i.e. Reiki originated from Japan, Chakras (energy centres) from India and Meridians (used in acupuncture) from China.

Everything you see is energy, constantly spinning and vibrating, radiating its own unique energy signature. You might have heard that before and there is significant scientific proof to support that statement. So what does that really mean for us humans? It pretty much means, as our moods change so does our vibration and frequency levels change. So when we feel sad, angry or stressed, for example, our body experiences differences in energy levels and therefore changes our natural state of balance. Our body energy fields store physical distress, emotional, mental and environmental stress that impact on our ability to function at best capacity.

Why try Energy Healing?

People try energy healing for many reasons. Some may be looking for a natural alternative to traditional healing or heard about or been recommended energy healing by a friend or relative or are simply just drawn to experience this healing.

We seek healing (traditional or alternative) for many reasons but it is all related to the physical, emotional or mental issues we may be suffering. Stress, anxiety and depression seem to be so common in our modern society and people often seek an alternative healing to traditional drug medications. My experience and that of many other energy healers is the majority of people, when receiving energy healing, gain mental clarity, clearer direction and purpose, strength of mind and feel more connected with themselves and others at all levels. Sometimes a momentous shift in consciousness and a profound transformation will occur. It all depends on the individual.

Energy Healing is amazing and for anyone looking at this alternative method, it is important to know that you should have an open mind and the intention to be healed. This will facilitate the healing and help to achieve greater results.

A final note: Energy Healing is a complementary modality of treatment. If you are undergoing traditional treatment, please consult your physician prior to changing treatment.

November 2015

 ***Daniela is the founder of Holistic Therapies Gold Coast. She is a Spiritual Leader/Teacher, Mentor & Coach, Intuitive Guide, Energy Healer and Inspirational Speaker. Daniela is passionate about Spirituality, Energy Therapies, Quantum Sciences, Metaphysics and Mysticism. She runs regular workshops on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world.

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