Energy Healing covers a number of techniques used to assist the energy systems in our physical and subtle bodies to regain balance. With an Energetic Evaluation and Clearing session, the blockages in the energetic system are identified and released. This will bring instant calm, peace and wellbeing.





Our energetic system has seven main chakras which are interactive, and rely on each other to work. During different stages in our life, we experience energy blockages in these chakras created by fear and limiting beliefs. To maintain balance and strengthen our chakras, we need to regularly clear them during meditation and/or energy healing.

In this session I use my intuitive guidance to identify energy blockages within your energy system and release them. 

The session consists of two parts:

– Chakra Diagnosis – I will identify in which chakras the fear and negative self belief is located

– Release energetic blockages with a powerful sacred practice

You will feel lighter, brighter, calmer and grounded.

Energetic Evaluation can be taken as a standalone session or combined with other energy healing modalities.



45 minutes Energetic Evalution session – cost $100 AUD

It can be combined with with Reiki, Rahanni or Pellowah for 1 hour 45 mins session – cost $175 AUD

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NOTE: The standalone Energetic Evaluation can be delivered in person or online using Zoom (link provided once the booking is confirmed)   

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