Emotions are part of our human life. We all have emotions and sometimes it is hard to figure out how to deal with them, particularly when they are recurring and affecting our life in a detrimental way. If we are willing to learn more about ourselves and our energetic nature, we can understand better how to control our emotions.

Why do we have emotions and how to deal with them in this human experience?

You may be aware that we have ‘four bodies’: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. They are dynamic and interconnected and our emotions affect all of them. These ‘bodies’ are in balance when our emotions, thoughts and feelings are stable, controllable and in flow.

If we want to grow, evolve and learn to master our life, we need to understand the relationship between our thoughts, feelings and emotions because they co-create our reality.

Thoughts and feelings play an important role in regulating our emotions. Our thoughts influence our feelings and our feelings influence our emotions. If we can change our thinking and look at situations in a more positive way, we can create the outcome we want. You may have heard the saying ‘where thought goes, energy flows’!

Feelings are very much internal and part of our own consciousness. They dictate the way we perceive things. Sometimes we have feelings of sadness, fear or limiting beliefs and other times we have feelings of love, courage, strength and accomplishment.

Emotions are external and linked to our thoughts, beliefs, past experiences, environment and so on. We express ourselves through emotions. It is the way we react to people, life events, conditions and situations.

So our external world is a mirror of the internal world.

Science and Spirituality are telling us that we are part of one Source of energy, Unified field (Quantum Field) or Infinite Intelligence. This Source of energy is based on love and Oneness, which is the connection with everything.

When we understand the truth that we, as human beings, are a part of the infinite collective consciousness and not separated from anything else, we can bring more awareness to the energy of which we are made. We are vibrational beings and have our own frequencies. The energy in our energetic body can have a strong impact on how we feel, think and act in our life.

Our consciousness vibrates and communicates through the feeling state. If we want to change our reality, we need to change our feeling state. Why is that? The feeling we hold in our heart generates emotions and creates our reality.

You might have seen this quote from Gregg Braden: The feeling is the prayer’

Our human reality constantly vibrates with lower and elevated emotions. How do we regulate and bring them in balance? With awareness and free will. We are born with free will and can use it when we need to make a choice.

We need to be more aware of our energy, thoughts, feelings and emotions, and to remember that we always have free will. When dealing with lower emotions we can either choose to live in pain, anger, guilt and suffering or choose to raise vibration and bring in positive emotions such as gratitude, compassion, appreciation and care.

From a spiritual aspect, all things serve. Everything, including our darker emotions, are nourishment for our soul. Our soul wants to love everything we are, all parts of us. Our true and natural state is divine love; so we should remember to always hold the vibration of love.

There are many ways to raise vibration, control our emotions and create balance between our ‘four bodies’. Some are well known and listed below.

Physical body: eat more plant based and organic food, relax, get enough sleep, stretch, move, dance, walk barefoot, detox

Mental body: practice meditation, mindfulness, awareness, breath work, spend time in nature, watch less tv, declutter

Spiritual body: practice Oneness (feeling ‘at one’ with all things), stillness, silence and solitude, humility, surrendering, develop your intuition and the connection with the Divine Source, be of service, prayer, devotion, chanting

Emotional body: meet and release fear and limiting beliefs, stop judging and criticising yourself and others, practice gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness, show love and appreciation, journaling

A simple practice to raise vibration and regulate our emotions is using the intention to connect with the heart and breathe love in and out. It takes only few moments and works well when we experience lower emotions and feelings of being overwhelmed by life. It can be done many times during the day, and the more we do it the easier it becomes to control our emotions. When we connect with our heart and breathe love in and out, we create an internal and external state of peace and balance. This brings instant joy, freedom and acceptance in our life.

We are the creators of our reality. We create with free will, our vibration and the innate power that resides in our heart. We are the only one in charge of our life and have a choice. We can choose to raise our vibration, maintain elevated emotions and live a balanced and harmonious life.

NOTE: This blog was published in the Nu Motive magazine of Ultreia Vida, Cancer Edition ‘Emote’ on 20 June 2020

***Daniela is the founder of Holistic Therapies Gold Coast. She is a Spiritual Teacher & Mentor, Intuitive Guide, Intuitive Intelligence Teacher, Energy Therapist and Inspirational Speaker. She runs regular workshops and courses on Personal and Spiritual development and loves being in service to others to bring more peace, love and compassion into the world.

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