Holistic Therapies Gold Coast Cancellation and Refund Policy for training courses and workshops

The purpose of this policy is to ensure that Holistic Therapies Gold Coast has processes to address training course or workshop registration, cancellation and refund issues in an objective and equitable manner.

This policy applies to cancellation received by students registered in training courses or workshops at Holistic Therapies Gold Coast.

The following refund conditions will apply:

  • RDeposit fees (20% of 1day or 2days  training course/workshop cost) and the full payment for half day workshop is non-refundable, however is transferable to another training course/workshop at a later date.
  • RIn the event of a student withdrawing from a training course or the 2 day workshop more than 3 days before the course or workshop commencement date, Holistic Therapies Gold Coast agrees to refund the course/workshop cost less the deposit.
  • RIf a cancellation is received 3 days or less before the date of course/workshop  commencement, then a non-refundable amount equivalent to 50% of the training course/workshop fee will be applicable to the course/workshop registration.
  • RIf cancellation is received on or after the date of the training course/workshop  commencement, there will be no refund of any moneys paid.
  • RWhere a student fails to meet the attendance, there will be no refund of any moneys paid.
  • RIn the event that Holistic Therapies Gold Coast is unable to deliver the training course/workshop in full, the student will be offered a refund of the training course/workshop money paid.

    Alternatively, the student may be offered registration in a suitable alternative. The student has the right to choose whether he/she would prefer a full refund of training course/workshop money, or to accept a place in another training course/workshop.