Arbah Healing allows codes for change to be established within the Aura.  It is used to instil certain energies into a person which encourages spiritual growth.

The process takes up to two weeks to complete. Over this period, the energy and the personality of the recipient will change as the Arbah energy encourages them to reconstruct new energy from within. 

Arbah is very useful for depression, anxiety, panic attacks, fears and deeply embedded patterns, severe and chronic illnesses.

Arbah Healing


Arbah Healing is an energy bolt used when grafting or bonding the aura. It works on the spiritual D.N.A.

Arbah is useful for: panic attacks, depression, mental problems, cancer patients, severe and chronic illness of all kinds, mental anguish, A.D.D and A.D.H D, children with behavioural problems, deep patterns and addiction.

Arbah is an individual technique as each persons’ energy field will draw in the codes for change specific for them.

During the Arbah healing, the client sits comfortably with eyes closed whilst the practitioner energetically cuts open and remove a section of client’s aura which is then emptied and infused with new energy and codes for change specific to client’s needs and regrafted back into the Auric field with the Arbah energy.

The new energy and information begins to travel throughout the rest of the Auric field over a period of approximately 2 weeks, during which time the new energy replicates throughout the Auric field bringing growth and change to the personality of the recipient. The energy can either be accepted or rejected, just like with an organ transplant.

Arbah Healing is only usually done once in a lifetime unless the individual makes huge changes and growth in which case a second time may be done. It is a very powerful technique.

Please Note – the session includes spiritual healing, teachings and intuitive insights to further support your healing.

Arbah and spiritual healing 75 minutes – cost $150 AUD.

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