Q: How to book an appointment for a treatment?

Please complete the on-line form
Send an email
Contact by phone

Q: What are the payment options?

Cash or/
Direct Debit:
Holistic Therapies GC
BSB: 064-451
ACC: 10483527
Reference: student/client full name

Q. How to book a place in a course?

Deposit of 20% of the course cost is required to secure your place (non-refundable) Balance due one week before the course date Cancellation/Refund issues – please see Cancellation and Refund Policy on our website

Q: How to decide what Reiki course to take?

If the student wishes to learn both Reiki methods, it is recommended learning Usui Reiki Ryoho first and Komyo ReikiDo second.
The more structured Usui Reiki Ryoho style suits beginning students. Komyo ReikiDo is recommended for those who originally learned a well defined style of Reiki and need the freedom to explore the method on their own, cultivate and uplift spirituality through simple practices.

Q: How to find out additional information about the treatment or courses?

Please complete the on-line form
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Q: Are Reiki courses certified?

Yes, students receive certificates for each course completed (please see Training page for details)

Q: What to bring on the training day?

Please bring a notepad if you wish to write notes
Manuals, light lunch and refreshments will be provided