Welcome to Holistic Therapies Gold Coast

“Empowering you to feel relaxed, balanced and in harmony with life!”
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Welcome to Holistic Therapies Gold Coast

“Empowering you to feel relaxed, balanced and in harmony with life!”
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Are you looking to bring positive change in your life and become more empowered and resilient to life’s challenges?
Do you want to improve your health and wellbeing and become more relaxed, balanced and happy?
Alternative healing therapies are proven methods to support physical,
emotional, mental and spiritual healing.

Holistic Therapies Gold Coast specialises in natural therapies based on energy healing and is dedicated to support people in healing and personal growth.
Energy – also called prana, chi, ki, and qi, it is the life force of the universe that surrounds and connects us to all things. Everyone and everything has its own energy field.
The health of our energy system determines our mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and when the energy flow is disrupted, the body is less able to defend against disease and injury. Energy healing is a system that promotes a holistic healing and a wholeness of Mind, Body and Spirit.  The greatest benefits of energy healing are stress reduction, relaxation, natural healing and an improved overall health.


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Meet Daniela, founder of Holistic Therapies Gold Coast.

The greatest benefits of Energy Healing are:

  • R Stress reduction
  • R Creates deep relaxation
  • R Improves overall health
  • R Strengthens the immune system
  • R Facilitates natural healing

Holistic Therapies Gold Coast healing modalities:

  • R Reiki
  • R Pellowah
  • R Rahanni
  • R AromaTouch

Accredited training courses are held throughout the year in:

  • R Reiki – Komyo ReikiDo method
  • R Pellowah Healing Technique

Also facilitates:

  • R Meditation Workshops
  • R Holistic Wellness Workshops
  • R Reiki Shares (group healing)

Specialising in Reiki healing and training, Pellowah Healing and training, Holistic Therapies Gold Coast offers additional healing modalities such as Rahanni Celestial Healing, AromaTouch Technique and also Spiritual Intuitive Guide sessions. The centre facilitates Reiki Shares (group healing) and conducts regular Meditation and Holistic Wellness workshops.

Pam – Brisbane

“I received a Reiki treatment from Daniela and it was amazing.
From the minute Daniela started, I felt as though I was in a bubble of love and light.
I highly recommend a treatment. I have more energy and feel more peaceful”   More …

Have you considered Meditation?

Meditation, these days, is so trendy. Just like Yoga and Pilates. It’s good to see so many people embracing this modality.
Researchers are studying the benefits of meditation and the results are looking very impressive.
Science is showing that

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Reiki is the foundation

While I was in the process of healing from a badly broken ankle, a lady from my work who said she is an energy healer offered to help with my recovery. I didn’t really know what energy healing was but gratefully accepted and after a few healing sessions I felt an improvement in my ankle.

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How does Energy Healing work?

This holistic alternative method activates the body’s energy systems to remove energetic blocks. This helps the body to regain balance and promote healing. It was used by many ancient cultures to stimulate healing i.e. Reiki originated from Japan, Chakras from India and Meridians from China.

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